Everything You Need to Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows

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The most innovative course in the cosmetic tattoo training industry!

microblading training NJOur Brow Microblading Course is delivered in New Jersey, New York and in salons both nationally and inernationally. Our eyebrow feathering / microblading courses will give you the most comprehensive and broad knowledge of Brow Microblading. You will learn the skills and techniques to produce the most natural looking semi-permanent brows.

Our training does not just teach you the basics, we offer additional knowledge not taught in regular cosmetic tattooing courses. With the essential breakdown of Brow Microblading and the manual technique behind it, we believe anything less is just not enough to absolutely nail these techniques.


Brow Microblading is an intricate process. It involves mimicking brow hair within the clients brows until the desired fullness and shape is achieved. An initial consultation to design the shape and follow up appointments to touch up any fading. This new semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo trend of brow microblading has exploded in the past year, with some clients paying up to $1,200 for the privilege of having their sparse brows delicately reshaped. The results are breathtaking, and so life-like that you’re very unlikely to ever be able to pick out anyone who’s had the treatment done. It is a common misconception that microblading can be done with a machine. However, microblading is a manual technique only.


  • The treatment is much less painful and is completed faster than with a machine.

  • The most natural result is achieved

  • It does not look like a tattoo as hairs are created in the natural direction of the brows

  • It is cheaper and easier to use the manual tool

  • The very thin, disposable needles are the thinnest available in cosmetic tattooing and are so much thinner than any needle used in a machine and therefore create the most natural hair strokes possible.

  • Thicker, medical grade pigment is used, that does not change colour, but slowly fades instead



Day 1

General Compliance

Health & Safety


Skin Analysis

Client Medical Conditions

Pigments/Colour Customisation

Microblading Procedure


Practice Simulation



We encourage enrolments from those with no experience and others with cosmetic tattoing skills. Our Brow Sculpting Training Course is recommended for beginners.


Our brand – Lashtique is a well known and respected company with highly trained industry professionals. The company is built on QUALITY, professionalism and continued support. We guarantee a lifetime bond with each and every student, and continue to support them well after training and into their developing careers. Our range of products ensures that you don’t have to search far and wide for impeccable quality instruments and products which are available to you during and after studies to purchase from us whenever you need.


SO YOU CAN GET CERTIFIED – Clients love going to an expert who has certification on display.

SO YOU CAN BE MORE CREATIVE – Creativity in the treatment room is crucial to success. By using our techniques you’ll concentrate on the art of tattooing perfect brows for the individual client, making you a more creative and innovative aesthetician.

SO YOU CAN BE MORE SUCCESSFUL – How? By applying the valuable techniques and industry knowledge that we teach you. You will be in demand.

SO YOU CAN MAKE MORE MONEY – Premium Service = Premium Rate. Here at Lashtique we teach you to deliver nothing short of PROFESSIONAL and high end service at all times.

 SO YOU CAN GO HOME HAPPY! – By delivering amazing service and creating beautiful brows! – you AND your clients can go home happy.

There is no better way to learn Brow Microblading than with the manual technique experts.

So get enrolled and start your professional brow career today!

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