Microshading Eyebrow

Beauty by TIAN offers a Microshading eyebrow embroidery New York treatment. This combines three separate processes: Ombre brows, powder fill and microblading NYC. It gives a distinctive, natural and bold look and is increasingly popular with celebrities.

microshading eyebrow

Ombre Brows

Ombre eyebrows NYC is a system where a colour is gradually blended into the eyebrow area and progressively made darker. To give the eyebrow a bolder look, the colour is lighter at the top and then graduates down to a slightly darker colour at the bottom of the area. This soft transition helps to define the eyebrows while adding a realistic sense of depth. Ombre brows is an ideal procedure for clients that desire a brighter effect than just brush strokes on their brows.

Powder Fill

The powder brows NYC filling method involves the application of many thousands of little dots of tattoo pigment, which are injected beneath the skin’s surface. These gradually build up a base colour and give a really defined look to the eyebrow without appearing like a solid painted-on block. The pigment will last a lot longer when applied as a powder fill compared to microblading, as the pigment goes deep into the epidermis. Powder fill alone gives a more defined look than microblading, but it can look incredibly natural when combined with these other methods.


Finally, to add realism and definition to the carefully powder filled and Ombre shaded area,  microblading is completed on top. This gives the best of both worlds: the solid bold effect of powder fill, combined with the natural hair stroke look of microblading.

Microshading Eyebrow NY

We are really excited to be able to offer the perfect compliment to our semi permanent eyelashes New York which is Microshading eyebrow embroidery NYC treatment. It really does add up to more than the sum of its parts, and customers are raving about the great look that it gives.

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