Everything you Need to Know about Microblading Arizona (AZ) Courses

Do you want to get in on the hottest semi-permanent eyebrow treatment by training as a microblading artist, but don’t know where to start?

Let’s begin by explaining that microblading, microstroking or eyebrow embroidery, as it’s sometimes known, is not an easy treatment to learn. You’ll need patience, skill and a lot of practice to become a really good microblading artist. The best training can help to speed the process but there is no substitute for dedication to your craft and time spent refining the skills that you will learn on the course.

Microblading cost

Once qualified though, the rewards can be substantial. Treatments by accredited and insured technicians are charged at between $300 and $1000, depending upon reputation and area. There’s no huge investment in equipment or materials other than preparing your treatment area. It’s also a treatment that can make a lasting difference to clients with damaged, over-plucked or badly shaped brows and it can bring a huge amount of job satisfaction.

In theory, you don’t need to be qualified to perform microblading but, in practice, you won’t be able to get a licence for your premises or treatment insurance if you do not have proper training. Performing the treatment while unlicensed and uninsured leaves you exposed to legal action and it is, at the least, irresponsible, to carry out any invasive treatment with lasting effects, if you have not had the proper training.

How is Microblading different to Machine Tattooing?

Microblading is not the same as cosmetic tattooing carried out using a machine. Microblade strokes lightly score the surface layers of the skin (Epidermis) while machine tattoos penetrate into the deeper layers (Dermis). The surface layers are renewed over time, so microblade strokes will naturally fade while pigment implanted by a machine will remain deep in the skin. Microblading is, therefore, a semi-permanent makeup technique. Follow-up appointments will be necessary to maintain the full effect. Permanent tattoos don’t need follow up treatments but they will discolour and become less defined over time, leading to the need for complex corrective treatment or removal. Colour implanted in the lower part of the skin can spread out into the surrounding tissue so it is more suited to creating a block of colour. This is not so much of a problem for lips or shading but the crisp definition of semi-permanent hair strokes can create a much more realistic effect on eyebrows.

So What Makes the Best Microblading Training?

You will firstly need to learn how to perform the treatment safely, how to avoid infection and cross-contamination; both for your client’s sake, and your own. How to identify contra-indications and ensure that your client suffers no ill effects.

You will need to be able to design eyebrows that complement and enhance your client’s face. Recognising how the eyebrow affects our perception of face shape.

Colour theory is a must, not only knowing how to match pigments, but recognising skin undertones and understanding how they will affect colour selection.

Last but not least, you will need expert tuition in the microblading procedure itself. From drawing a balanced and well proportioned template to implanting the pigment with the manual pen at the correct depth in the skin. Other aspects of manual brow tattooing such as pain management, skin stretching and aftercare must also be covered in sufficient detail to give you the confidence to get on and actually perform the procedure as soon as possible.

There is now a lot of choice when it comes to semi-permanent makeup training so you may ask what makes our microblading courses so different?

  • Our Microblading Masterclass covers the A-Z of semi-permanent manual eyebrow tattooing over 5 days of intensive tuition by internationally recognised trainers.

  • You will get to perform your first treatment on a live model in the class, with every step supervised by a master eyebrow artist.

  • The course is accredited by both The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists (The Guild) AND Associated Beauty Therapists (ABT). The two leading professional beauty organisations in the USA.

  • The course has been awarded 62 CPD points, with an extra 3 points for the Infection control module. This is the highest for any independent beauty course.

  • Specifically designed Microblading Course, not a rehashed or repurposed PMU course. We only do microblading, we love it.

  • Unlimited, ongoing support while you complete your case studies with expert feedback to refine your technique and boost your confidence.

  • A retrain-for-free guarantee if there is any aspect of the treatment that you are not able to perform within six months of the training.

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Cost of your microblading course?
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