You have just completed your practical course in Microblading and you are super excited, we get that, but please be extremely careful about how you market yourself and your business.

We have compiled The Ultimate list of marketing ideas below:

Marketing microblading

1. Be Good At What You Do First Before Marketing

You only get ONE first chance, thereafter people will shy away from using your services if you give bad service or your work is still of poor quality. Get the training and the practice FIRST then once your work is of the highest quality then attempt to start spreading the word.


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2. Exchange With Others

Exchange with other salons owners, beauty therapists or other professionals! Use the treatment as payment for them giving you free exposure, hairdressers, personal trainers, teeth whitening clinics etc. They have an established customer base already and once they see your amazing treatment they will spread the word – choose this person wisely as they must be willing to spread the word.


3. Send Birthday Cards

Nothing will make your client feel important like a personal touch on their birthday! When doing client intake, ask for a client’s birth date and send a birthday card that is hand written or even an e-card via email.


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4. Work With Local Bloggers

Reach out to some of your favourite beauty bloggers and offer to style their lashes, makeup or brows for an upcoming post/photoshoot. In exchange ask for a shout out on their blog and social media networks. Ensure they have a large following, don’t waste too much precious energy on small and relatively unknown bloggers.


5. Create An Email List

Keeping in touch with your clients on a regular basis with newsletters and promotions is key to keeping you on top of mind and maintaining loyalty. Be cautious of sending spam, get permission from your customers first as this is as sore point for many.


6. Start A Video Series

Build your salon name and spread awareness with a video series! Remember to add a lot of before and after footage! Be sure to publish the videos on all of your social media networks!


7. Sponsor A Charity Event

Hand out gift cards for charity event auctions! This is a great way to get new customers to try out your salon and make a difference in the community at the same time!


8. Social Media Ads

Social media ads can be a powerful way to get in front of your target audience. If possible, get a designer to help you make amazing ads. Se sure to include an offer and a reason to act now!


9. Build Relationships On Social Media

Social media isn’t just about doing promotions and running ads. Take time to listen to customers, respond to their questions and post content that they will genuinely enjoy.


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10. Create An Interesting Window Display

Do you have a window display that you can decorate? If you make it stand out from the crowd, you could attract a lot of attention from onlookers! Some might even take photos and share it on social media.


11. Start A Blog

A blog is an awesome place to share content with current client and potential clients that might find you. Use your blog along with social media to show off your personality and share inspiring pictures.


12. Run A Contest

Running a contest in-store on social media is a great way to build buzz around your salon and spread the word. The giveaways don’t have to be huge either – a free product of treatment voucher is often enough incentive to get people talking!


13. Hand Out Business Review Cards

Getting clients to review your salon on google, Facebook and other review sites will help you show off your awesome services and attract new customers. Ask clients to review your salon and hand out a business card with information on how to create a review!


14. Reward Clients For Referrals

Set up a system for client referrals! Whether it be a free product or service, a gift, or a percentage off, show clients you appreciate it when they talk about your salon!


15. Create A Social Media Day Deal

Some salons have amazing success with daily deal websites, where others don’t. Experiment with your own version of a daily deal on your social media accounts. It can be as simple as a few Rand off a service, or promotions for people whose names start with a certain letter. Get creative!


16. Don’t Forget About Your Website

Your website is the face of your company online and making sure that your website represents your salon is the first step to success. Pro Tip: Consider designing your website on an easy-to-use platform like WordPress so that you can make updates yourself!


17. Team Up With Photographers

Photographers need salon professionals to style/groom their models and depending on who you team up with, you could end up getting featured in a high-profile magazine! Good photos are the backbone of your business, if your photos are dark and badly taken they wont attract new customers!


18. Create A Paid Search Campaign

While there is a learning curve to using paid ads online, the results can be well worth it! Consider working with a professional to get your campaign up, especially if you don’t have the time to learn the in’s-and-out’s, and watch the leads pour in!


19. Send A 6-Week Follow Up Message

Don’t just let your email list sit unused. Send a 6 week follow up message to your clients to see if they need touch ups or to book other appointments. Don’t know where to start with email marketing? Check out for some amazing resources! Dont be afraid to ask for critical feedback from your customers on your service and the treatment – you won’t grow unless you hear this vital information.


20. Stay Professional

Staying professional at all times is vital to succeed in our tough beauty industry. Do not run down other salons or brands. Focus on staying positive and pouring all your energy into your own business! The pie is big enough for us all to have a piece.

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