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Microblading FAQ

Microblading FAQ –

Microblading is a very popular eyebrows treatment. But how much do we really know about it? This article combined all the questions you might have and information about the treatment which will help you to decide if microblading is what you need for your eyebrows.

Is microblading different from permanent eyebrows tattoo? 

Yes. Unlike permanent eyebrows tattoo, microblading is a semi-permanent treatment. It is performed by the manual hand tool with a tiny blade which deposits pigment into the closest layer of the dermis to mimic natural hair. As a result, microbladed eyebrows last slightly less that tattooed ones, about 2-3 years but looks more natural.

Different names of microblading: eyebrows embroidery, feather touch, micro stroking, hair-like stroking, 3D hairstrokes

What is the procedure like and how long it takes? 

Usually the whole procedure will take about 2 hours, but less than a half of this time will take the actual microblading process.

Microblading different from permanent eyebrows tattoo

  1. Consultation before the procedure.

Very important to come for the appointment on time, so your technician don`t have to rush. During this period you will be explained the procedure, determine your skin type and  decide on the shape of the eyebrows you want to get as the result of the treatment.

2. Anesthesia.

For the next 25 minutes you will have a topical anesthetic on your skin which will numb the area and prevent it from pain.

  1. Shaping eyebrows.

Once anesthetic has come off, your technician will shape your eyebrows and prepare it for a procedure. 

  1. Microblading procedure.

This process takes about 45 minutes, depending on the technician skills and absence of complications. 

  1. After the procedure consultation.

Before you leave, you will be recommended to come for a touch up treatment within a month and  given an aftercare gift bag with ointment cream and step-by step instructions of a healing process. 

Does it hurt? 

Although the procedure is quite unpleasant , it is relatively painless. After anesthetic will numb the skin around the eyebrows area, you shouldn`t feel any pain.

  Note: it is very important to inform your technician before the procedure if you  are allergic to lidocaine or tetracaine. 

How long does the result last? 

Microbaladed eyebrows last about 2-3 years. It is highly recommended to do a following the procedure touch up treatment, after a period of  4 weeks. Also, to keep the results longer, you may come for a refresher after the first year if the color is starting to fade. 

How much does it cost? 

The price depends on many factors : the level of professionalism of your technician, location of the salon and others.

Generally speaking, in major cities, like New York , the price for a single microblading procedure is around $500. 

Are there any precautions and restrictions? 

Unfortunately, in some cases , you can not get a microblading treatment:

  • Pregnant or nursing

Due to hormone level change and increase of a blood volume ,the results can be unpredictable and the procedure can be very painful.

  • During period

Doing the eyebrows during period will cause excessive bleeding.It is a good idea to reschedule the appointment.

  • Have diabetes or hiv
  • Undergoing chemotherapy or acne treatment
  • If using blood thinners or heart medication 

Is aftercare  different from tattoo procedure?

Basicly, aftercare rules are the same as after tattoo treatment:

  • Do not peel or scratch the treated area until it is fully healed.
  • Do not get it wet for the first 24 hours.
  • Do not go to sauna or steam room,as well as avoid exposing your skin under the direct sun for the next 48 hours.
  • Use the aftercare ointment cream.

Can i wear makeup?

Yes. Although, you may start using eyebrows makeup after the scrubbing period is over, roughly in about 10 days.

How to choose a right permanent makeup artist? 

Look for the following in a candidate to microblade your eyebrows:

  • Certified in microblading
  • Experienced (has before and after photos, good reviews, etc.)
  • Clean and safe location
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