Microblading Color

What is Phibrows Color and what is it used for

Phibrows Color is a sterile Premium blading colour glycerine based. It is available in the packages of 5 and 10ml with the original lid. Phibrows Color is the optimum endurance Blading colour and must not be mixed with pigments of other manufacturers. It must not be used as the pigment for Permanent Make-up, or machine toattoing. The same pigment serves exclusively for permanent colouring (tattoing) of the human skin (Korium).

Microblading Color

Phibrows Color pre-usage

Phibrows Color must not be applied with allergies present on one or more ingredients. Phibrows Color contains one or more ingredients. Phibrows Color does not contain any harmful (tetragene) ingredients, nevertheless, during pregnancy women should not be treated.

In following cases Phibrows Color should be used only after consulatations made with your doctor:

Autoimune diseases
Blood disolution therapy
Febrile infections
Skin diseases
Congenital immunodeficient diseases
Other causes of immunosuppression

Medicaments that act to the blood disolvment (eg. Aspirine) are generally not to be taken prior the treatment.
Area that is under the treatment must be cleaned and disinfected before the actual Bladin-procedure.
For that, the best are the quality substances like, for example Octenider (with the action of six hours) with the long desinfectant action.

Microblading Color
How to use Phibrows Color

Phibrows Color can be used by trained persons who possess enough amount of knowledge about the hygene in Microblading.
Hygenic regulations must be respected that are specific for each country individually. Phibrows Color is applied by a sterilized Blading-needle into the mid layer of the human skin. Phibrows Color must not be applied directly under the skin, because granuloma can provoke inflammations. Phibrows Color is packed in bottles of 10 and 5 ml. Bottles must be reclosed directly after application.
Bottles could be opened only in hygenic surrounding with gloves only and a mouth protector. By law, Phibrows Color do not contain any conservatives. New Blading-work must be nourished once a day with Phibrow Aftercare. Creams created by water-oil base can soften the skin and bring to the loosing of the pigment. Vaseline is not appropriate for the wound treatment. Spot appearance basically means wrong aftercare.
As long as the work is not completely healed, a contact with dirt must be avoided. If, somehow the dirt comes to the new work, it must be torouhly cleaned and Phibrow Aftercare must be applied afterwards. Swimming, solarium, sun-tanning and serious mechanical damages can damage the outcome of the treatment.

Possible side-effects

Phibrows Color side-effects are not familiar for now, but cannot be excluded. When used correctly 7 days period for the total healing can be expected. For the healing period of over 14 days, one should ask a dermatologist advice.
Blading itself can provoke a mild redness of the skin that is going to disappear within one day. Depending on the manner of the work, small chematoma (blue spots) can appear. They are not provoked by pigments. Treatment is not necessary.
In certain circumstances because of the liquidity of the lymph tissue burins can appear, especially in the area of work, and the lympha itself.
Pre-usage Phibrows Color notes Phibrows Color should be kept out of the reach of children.
Store in the temperature of 20°C. refrigerator storage is not recommended because of the hygenic reasons. Keep away from the humidity. The pigments must not be used after the expiry date labeled in the package.

Compliance certificate

Phibrows Color is in compliance with the below regulatives:
-ResAP Resolution (2008)1
-Goods Law — tattooing pigments in The Netherlands
-German and Swiss Regulation on tattooing substances

-Regulation 141: Guidelines on piercing procedure conduction (jewlery
placement) and tattooing in cosmetics (Beauty Nourishment) — Tradeship
in the republic of Austria
Phibrows Color can be applied in all the EU countries (except Spain), EU joining coutries and in Switzerland. By using them national hygene regulations must be obeyed. According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in The USA, as a principle no tattooing colours are allowed. However, their usage is tolerated. Phibrows does not take any responsibility for the territory of the United States.

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