Everything You Need to Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows

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Microblading NYC

Microblading in New York What is Microblading? In short, this is an incredible alternative to a daily eyebrows makeup routine, which will bring your natural eyebrows beauty to a new level. As known, eyebrows are the most defined feature on a face which has many important functions, such as shape the face, emphasize the eyes, […]

Microblading FAQ

Microblading FAQ – Microblading is a very popular eyebrows treatment. But how much do we really know about it? This article combined all the questions you might have and information about the treatment which will help you to decide if microblading is what you need for your eyebrows. Is microblading different from permanent eyebrows tattoo?  Yes. […]


MICROBLADING TRAINING LAS VEGAS NEVADA Las Vegas Microblading Training Course Now Enrolling New Students Microblading and 3D embroidery instruction in Las Vegas has grown in popularity over the last decade to help women boost their confidence Cosmetic Tattooing & Microblading Courses The elite school of Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo offers state of the art courses in Eye Brow […]

Microblading Arizona

Everything you Need to Know about Microblading Arizona (AZ) Courses Do you want to get in on the hottest semi-permanent eyebrow treatment by training as a microblading artist, but don’t know where to start? Let’s begin by explaining that microblading, microstroking or eyebrow embroidery, as it’s sometimes known, is not an easy treatment to learn. You’ll […]

Microblading California

Microblading Courses California ABOUT THE ADVANCED Aesthetics Training Spanning two days, the Advanced Microblading Training Course is suitable for microblading artists who are already practicing or who are already qualified in permanent make up with machine and includes one day of theory and practice on fake skin, plus one day of practice on live models. Our semi permanent make […]


Microblading celebrities Celebrities – Microblading & Permanent Makeup: the A-listers who love permanent cosmetics The entire concept of semi-permanent and permanent makeup is based around the fact that we can enhance our natural beauty and our best features using easy, pain-free methods for long-lasting results. Celebrities are probably more than familiar than many of us with […]

Near me

Microblading near me NYC best eyebrow and eyelash specialists Find out why Eyebrow Experts, NYC Eyebrow Studio, Lash Life, The Lash Lounge and The Lash Studio are five of Sydney’s best eyebrow and eyelash boutiques. You no longer have to rock what you were born with thanks to modern enhancements in the beauty industry. From […]

Microblading cost

MICROBLADING PRICE EYEBROWS Microblading Eyebrows $395 Ombre Effect Eyebrows $395 Soft Shading Eyebrows $395 Micro Ombre Eyebrows $445 EYES Eyelash Enhancement $300 Eyeliner Top Only – Thin $350 Eyeliner Top Only – Medium $400 Eyeliner Top Only – Thick $450 LIPS Lip Contour$350 Lip Liner And Blend Into Lip $450 Full Lip Colour$550 ANNUAL RETOUCH Up to 12 months from $200 From 12 – 18 […]

Eyebrow Aftercare

Eyebrow Aftercare FOLLOW CAREFULLY Following the microblading aftercare instructions is imperative to give your fully healed eyebrows the naturally beautiful look you want. FAILURE TO FOLLOW AFTER-CARE INSTRUCTIONS MAY RESULT IN INFECTIONS, PIGMENT LOSS OR DISCOLORATION. ***IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT LET ANY WATER, SOAP, LOTION, OR MAKEUP, COME IN CONTACT WITH […]

Microblading  ‐‐ Informed Consent and Release

Microblading  ‐ Consent and Release This form provides information about microblading, which involves the application of semi‐permanent makeup.  You are encouraged to carefully review the information provided in order to make an informed decision as to whether to undergo the microblading procedure. Microblading involves the insertion of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin and is […]

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