What is Microblading?

Whether you like your brows bold, feathered, arched or straight, eyebrows are definitely the most vital facial attribute. If you want to change how your brows look, there are several ways to enhance them, like pencils, brow powder, permanent makeup and microblading. However, there is currently a great natural alternative that produces a semi-permanent outcome which lasts 1-2 years.
If you have tried stencil, pencils, pigment, powder or gel, and your eyebrows are still thin or uneven, microblading—an effective long-lasting solution for you. Also it is the only treatment that has the potential to enhance the look of your eyebrow.
Microblading is best for people who need to fully define, reconstruct, cover gaps, define, or replace pulled brows. It is also for those who want to add an arch or just change a shape. Or for those who have short tails.
Unlike the unnatural effects of makeup, microblading strokes look so natural that no one even know that it was done. It is an important makeup process that helps cover the scanty eyebrows.
The method of implanting pigment after the creation of incision on the skin began years ago. The trend towards using the technique of eyebrow permanent makeup started in Asia 30 years ago and was known widely as embroidery or feathery until it evolved to microblading in Europe decade ago.


This technique is used to improve or create a new eyebrow definition or just make them look fuller. Each feather is applied one after the other allowing the beauty artist to control the shape, color, and density of the eyebrows.
The color depends on the choice of the client and is mixed using a natural choice of micro pigments to complement the hair and skin tone. Usually artist picks a color by looking on a client skin tone and more important-undertone.
How durable is microblading?
Microblading is a form of a tattoo. In a lot of state in US Microblading considered a tattoo. That’s why when student finish school and get certificate he/she applies for a tattoo license. Pigments are inserted into the dermis(upper layer) and not into the epidermis. The tattoo as any other tattoo can fade due to several factors such as medications, the quality of the ink/pigment used, exposure, use of skin care acid, etc. But, this technique goes not that deep as a tattoo so in a few years in just fades completely if done by professional.
Immediately after a procedure the eyebrows will appear darker than normal but will fade after the healing process of 4 weeks. The microblade treatment is a two-step application procedure:
· The initial appointment
· The second appointment which comes in about 4-6 weeks later is to fine tune color and refine strokes. The second application is to ensure that the micro pigments are healed properly.

About Us

Our story begins long time ago. After visiting more than 15 countries and trained by the most famous and talented artists, getting qualified and professional help, passing hard work and practice, getting our certificates and licenses, we’ve decided to open our own school to share those knowledges that we’ve received from our trainers. We are here to help and teach everyone who wish to be an artist. We are offering to you our fundamental classes with small groups, individual training if needed, workshop with famous artists, private master classes and congresses where you can share your knowledge and help each other.
We want to make sure that our students will receive qualified training and will perform safely treatments in future.
In our Permanent Makeup School, by the end of the program, we can prepare you to get your license so you can start working right away. Our school makes sure that you are ready to work alone, without any mistakes by the time you graduate our classes and your clients will satisfied with your work done.
We are happy to offer to you:
· Basic Permanent Makeup training for beginners, Permanent Makeup for advanced students;
· Microblading for beginners, Microblading for advanced students;
· Master Classes
· Workshop etc
More information about our classes you can find by clicking TRAINING on the top of this page



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A beautiful woman should break her mirror early.



A beautiful woman should break her mirror early.


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