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Microblading Training New York Courses


With over four years of experience in the semi permanent makeup NYC industry and having perfected her own microblading technique, Sandra Opul loves to mentor and offer microblading training NY courses to other semi permanent makeup artists. She shares her expertise and the latest techniques and products used within the industry at her Infinity Brows Academy in NJ, NY, USA.

Sandra offers both a basic and advanced intensive microblading training course designed around 4-8 students per class to ensure that each student benefits from individual tutoring. Her classes are recognised and accredited in the USA. The training includes compulsory basic training, theory, practice paid work and live models to ensure you receive comprehensive training in the highly skilled art of microblading.

Microblading Training New York Courses

Microblading Training in the USA is becoming more and more popular due to the natural looking results this technique provides. Nadia is one of the first permanent makeup artists to use the microblading technique in NY. She makes sure all her students are fully qualified to do the same work as her, hence she does not organise large classes.

In order to make sure you are trained by Nadia, book your place by calling today. Your microblading training NYC course will take place in the Love U Salon in NJ.

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